Thursday, June 2, 2011

Its about time....

So I know it is about time for a new post. This year is just flying by. Conner and I started a project about a month ago we decided to stain our kitchen table and six chairs. The table before was a lighter wood and we stained it to a darker wood. So the first thing that we had to do was sand everything down and that was just no fun at all. I will say Conner definitely did most of the work but I did put a little help into it. Pictures to come I have to get them off my phone camera so once I get that done then I can share with yall!

In March my best friend Lauren got married in Georgia  and had her reception at Reynolds Plantation and the wedding was so much fun. I am gonna post a couple of pics that I have from that weekend!

                                          Bridesmaids Luncheon

                                          Martinis after our Manicures

  The delicious rasberry sorbet with a little splash of champagne
                         Waiting to see the Bride before pictures
                               Ceremony is about to start

The next fun thing that we have gotten to do is take a beach trip to Seacrest Beach with six other couples! It was so much fun. We actually went down the day of the tornados that had hit Tuscaloosa and Birmingham which is so sad I pray for all of those areas that got hit that day. I just can’t imagine losing everything. So we headed down to the beach on that Wednesday and got there real late Wednesday night so that we could go ahead and get in the house and be there on Thursday ready to hit the beach! We had awesome weather!!! The first night that everyone got into town which was Thursday we all went and ate at a Mexican restraunt that was right down the street from house and it was delicious! Also had some great margaritas! Then on Friday night we all went and ate at Old Florida Fish House where my husband actually decided to steal the show and do some singing on the stage. He did a great job! Then on Saturday night we went to Bud and Alleys and had a wonderful dinner and then went back to the house after dinner and played a game of charades. It was a lot of fun then of course Sunday comes and its already time to pack up. But we had a wonderful time with all of our friends!!!       

                                    All the girls before mexican

                                        The whole group
                                     Bud and Alleys

                                    Roomies for the weekend

I will have some more post but hope this updates everyone a little on what is going on with us! Also we are so excited Conners brother Clay and his wife Emily are expecting their first in December so it will be a fun christmas!!!!


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